One of the fundamental goals of MiningiDEAS is to create and provide technologies to mining companies.

What type and how to implement technology in the mining industry can not be taken for granted. MiningiDEAS consultancy enables effective problem-solving in this regard. Our extensive experience gained from various mining companies around the world allows us to offer a set of proven solutions for your current challenges.

Aerial and Underwater ROVs


Digital Maturity

Qa/Qc D&B

Remote Prospecting

Aerial and Underwater ROVs

At MiningiDEAS, we specialize in developing and testing technologies that allow us to automate mining activities. We innovate through the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to create customized services. We offer complete solutions ranging from on-site data acquisition to 2D/3D processing, results analysis, and report delivery tailored to the specific needs of each client.

We work in both open-pit and underground mining with the aim of:

  • Increasing the speed of data, parameters, and image acquisition.
  • Enhancing the safety of numerous tasks, minimizing operational risks.
  • Improving the quality of information and reducing operational errors.
  • Strategic Collaboration.
  • Thanks to our commercial agreements with Drones for Geology, we offer our clients a wide range of specialized services and products, employing aerial and underwater drones.

    Aerial Drones

  • Precision topography and cartography.
  • Reserves estimation.
  • High-resolution image capture.
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM).
  • Measurement of structural characteristics of rock masses.
  • Monitoring and inspections of remote or inaccessible sites.
  • Underwater Drones

  • Environmental monitoring of water bodies.
  • Water and sediment sampling.
  • At MiningiDEAS, we are committed to transforming mining through advanced technology, providing innovative solutions that improve efficiency, safety, and precision in mining operations.

    Design of Integrated Remote Operation Centers

    MiningiDEAS has experience in designing iROCs (Integrated Remote Operation Centers). The goal of our consultancy is to design an IROC that fits the budget and operational needs of our clients.

    Our specialists are responsible for creating operational models (interaction processes between operational areas), hardware and software architecture for process digitalization, dashboards and data displays for operations management, data analysis, and portfolio management methodologies.

    Visit our blog to learn about our experience in CIOs.

    Digital Maturity

    In the era of digital transformation, we understand that your mining company seeks a solid competitive advantage. That's why we provide you with digital maturity assessment. We analyze how digital technologies are integrated into every aspect of your operations, from automated systems to data management and precise decision-making.

    We consider technological infrastructure, adaptability, system integration, cybersecurity, and team training aligned with your goals. We identify improvements and design a strategic plan to implement technologies efficiently. With this comprehensive vision, you will maximize the value of your technological investments, improve operational efficiency, foster innovation, and remain competitive in an ever-evolving environment.

    QA/QC for blasting

    MiningiDEAS works with digitalization processes of key information for the drilling and blasting (D&B) area. We provide online and real-time solutions with technology and software that support performance evaluation in mining operations seeking to implement continuous improvement processes.

    We provide solutions that boost productivity and efficiency in relevant Mine to Mill processes, through Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) of D&B parameters.

    MiningiDEAS has commercial agreements with Blastatistics software for ground quality control of P&V KPIs, ensuring immediate data collection, short-term identification and diagnosis, and medium- and long-term opportunities for economic improvements or reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, among others.


    MiningiDEAS is focused on automating activities through customized services with drones, from in-situ acquisition, 2D/3D processing and results analysis, and delivery of reports tailored to the needs of each internal client within a mine.

    We work with drones in open pit and underground mining. We seek to increase the speed of data acquisition, parameters and images, while increasing the safety of many tasks, ensuring a better quality of information with a decrease in operational errors.

    MiningiDEAS has commercial agreements with Drones for Geology to provide our clients with topography, mapping, reserve estimation, high-resolution images, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), measurement of structural characteristics of rock masses, monitoring, inspections of remote or inaccessible sites, among other services.

    Remote Prospecting

    Our partner IMHOIT, through its scientific division INSIDE EARTH (IE), revolutionizes the prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons and minerals using satellite and nuclear technologies, reducing search times, enhancing result accuracy, and ushering in a responsible and efficient era in resource prospecting, exploration, and acquisition.

    MiningiDEAS has commercial agreements with IMHOIT to offer clients cutting-edge services for resource exploration through the IE tool. Our collaboration focuses on R&D, creating innovative products for the mining industry, from exploration to mine closure. Together, we advance solutions that drive the industry forward while preserving the environment.




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