Operational Excellence

MiningiDEAS has expertise in management of mining companies. Our work objective is to identify operational losses, to mitigate deficiencies and to increase the operational continuity of mining processes and mineral processing. The result of our service is the costs reduction and the increase of our clients economic benefit.

Production management

Our operational management support aims to achieve operational excellence in the mines where we work. To define the baselines, which we use as a starting point to measure production increases, we use advanced analytics tools combined with pattern identification algorithms.

Our analysis is based on information provided by Fleet Management Systems (Fleet Management Systems or Dispatch) or any other information digitalization system. We review the information contained and recommend the best possible practices through performance dialogues.

Our service includes:

  • Customized real-time web platforms
  • Hourly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Production alerts differentiated by manager
  • Drilling and Blasting

    Our mentality is to achieve the Mine to Market concept, which consists of optimizing the processes from rock fragmentation and treatment in the plant to its commercialization to international markets.

    Thus, we focus on the implementation of technologies within the Mine to Mill concept through the drilling and blasting processes, reducing the energy required in the mining operation, crushing and grinding stages.

    We work with experts in all production stages in a multidisciplinary manner, outlining strategies for continuous improvement in the mine life cycle.

    MiningiDEAS through commercial agreements with Rocha Blast Engineers provides both consulting and specialized technical services on QA/QC, and evaluation of factors that control blasting efficiency to provide our clients with tools that allow proper management and cost optimization.



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