Due Diligence

MiningiDEAS advises on relevant aspects concerning transaction operations such as trading, financing, and initial public offerings of mining projects. Among our clients we have international banks and companies seeking to make the right investment decisions and reduce risks, based on our technical reports and the study of fatal failures, under strict confidentiality.

NI 43-101 Reports

MiningiDEAS has high technical knowledge and geology-specific expertise in verification and business analysis for the mining industry. We are focus on exploration, resource estimation process, exploitation, commercialization, and mine closures. Our Company works along international consultants with extensive experience in the industry, who carry out audits and technical reviews for market and commodity trading requirements in different stock exchanges.

MiningiDEAS holds commercial agreements with GeoSystems International Inc to provide high-quality consulting of feasibility studies of potential mining projects. We measure the mining resources and reserves reliability, identify areas of the projects potential risks and evaluate operations management such as mine designs, mine planning, and mining methods.

Our services include:

  • Diagnosis of the mining property condition
  • Evaluation of exploration potential
  • Geological assessment and mineral resources
  • Analysis of mining feasibility and mineral reserves
  • Evaluation and analysis of mining costs and market factors
  • Sizing of equipment fleets for investment considerations
  • Testing of metallurgical processes
  • Review of environmental aspects
  • Risk and Opportunity Reports
  • NI 43-101 Reports

  • Clients

    Lowell Mineral Exploration Ecuador S.A., an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Solaris, promotes the development of strategic alliances with key stakeholders in Ecuador to pave the way for sustainable best practices of responsible exploration.
    Collective Mining is a mining company focused on exploring and developing mineral resources in Latin America, with a particular emphasis on Colombia.


    GeoSystems International is dedicated to the use of sound scientific methods for the investigation and modeling of spatially distributed phenomena. GeoSystems' commitment to project development and project support is unparalleled in the mining and the environmental business


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