MiningiDEAS is focused on continual improvements of processes from the exploration to the closure mining stages. Under this premise, we work on the implementation of technologies allowing projects and operations to be more environmentally efficient. All of our platforms have flexibility and scalability to guide our clients in fulfilling their sustainability objectives.

Development of Monitoring and Management Platforms

At MiningiDEAS, we develop digital data infrastructures to create Environmental Monitoring and Management Platforms. These platforms enable decision-making, data visualization, and automatic detection of potential deviations or inconsistencies. We focus on controlling the most critical environmental aspects and assess the needs of our clients, whether they are government agencies or mining companies.

We have the capability to create computer systems that ensure the quality of environmental monitoring data in compliance with current legal regulations within our clients' mining concessions. We can generate alerts and actions while designing specific reports for each stage of environmental control.

For more information, please review our case study Environmental Monitoring and Management Platform CyMA-Santa Cruz, Argentina.

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3D Modelling

We rely on a team of geological modelling experts who work with environmental liabilities to assess the conversion potential to secondary resources. Among others, we are able to carry out studies and materials characterization in mud pits, and to generate conceptual models of components distribution according to lithologies and granulometric variables. We can also measure the depocenters volume and characterize the recovery potentiality of materials of interest.

Furthermore, we generate geostatistical models to spatially predict the variables that can have an impact in the environmental assessments of our clients operations, under the advice of GeoSystems International Inc..

We perform:

Environmental monitoring and assessment by drones

Working together with Drones for Geology we are able to provide services focused on the periodic control of dynamic spaces. These services are very useful for auditing and inspecting environmental liabilities and closed mining operations, minimizing the risk for the workers safety and bringing our clients closer to making the most out of their data in a virtual way, and so making the investment of their studies profitable.

The use of this technology for environmental purposes makes it possible to trace of the ground indicator variations, such as vegetation development, evolution of restored spaces, changes in hydrographic characteristics, and erosion control over time.

We use online visualization tools at the request of the client and we make the models available on demand. We assist you in your contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by promoting an accessible environment with up-to-date models for your stakeholders.

Model of a 60-year inactive quarry, courtesy of Drones for Geology. Model of a 60-year inactive quarry, courtesy of Drones for Geology.

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